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Nissan pilot ute

Understanding Pilot Vehicles

The function of a pilot vehicle or pilot car is to indicate to other road users that an oversized vehicle, oversized load, or both is in their presence. Pilot vehicles are affixed with a large sign intended to warm other drivers or road users of the presence of large vehicles and/or loads. This in turn promotes superior road safety. Utilising a pilot car when moving large loads is necessary for the safety of the driver, the load and other road users they may encounter.

Nissan pilot ute

Pilot Vehicle Qualifications

Our drivers hold level 2 ‘driver of pilot vehicles’ licenses through both Victoria Roads and the requisite interstate licensees. This means that our drivers are qualified to escort vehicles and loads of up to 30 metres in length and up to 4.5 metres in width. Within the Melbourne and Geelong Urban areas, two of our certified pilots are required to escort vehicles and loads of up to 35 metres in length and up to 5.5 metres wide. When travelling on a freeway outside of Melbourne and Geelong urban areas, only one licensed pilot is required for an escort of these measurements.

Our Pilot Car Rental Services

At A&C Pilot & Transport, we use two 2019 Nissan Navaros for all of our pilot vehicle jobs. Both utes are serviced very regularly and are up to date with all government-mandated servicing and compliance requirements. They are also outfitted with all the requisite technology required to complete piloting jobs. Both vehicles are available for wet hire for your next job.

Nissan pilot ute

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We’re Ready to Assist You With Your Next Piloting Job

We’re Ready to Assist You With Your Next Piloting Job

Our pilot vehicles are ideal for assisting with road safety in any situation. From guiding heavy machinery between jobsites to assisting low-loaders when transporting a load from one city to another, A&C Pilot & Transport are up to the task. Make us your very first call if you need budget-friendly and trustworthy pilot vehicles and drivers.

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